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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What have I been up to lately....?

Not a whole heck of a lot. The kids were out of school for nearly a week. We managed not to get cabin fever too bad. We got out and played in the snow day AND night. Night sledding was the best. I dont mind it at all when all my kids are home during the day. We had big slumber parties in the livingroom and hot chocolate every day. Here are couple of pictures and video from our sledding fun. The boys didn't really enjoy sledding much this year. maybe next year. They LOVED playing in the snow though, and we built an awesome snowman. Then Kalei thought he'd be lonely so she made him a wife. Even Jack got in on the fun.

                                                 Me n Kenna
                                               Bri & Ethan
                                                Me & Kalei
                                            David gave Kalei a "little" push. haha!

                                           Kenna, Kalei, Me, Auni & Lexi night sledding

                                               Auni's faceplant

                                             Kalei catchin some air

                                            Building the boys' first snowman ever

                                           They were VERY helpful

                                            Almost done.....

                                                     All done!!

                                             Mr. & Mrs. Snowman
Video of Bri n Ethan sledding

I somehow always ended up going down the hill backwards!

Launching off a ramp and landing in the parking lot was
NOT great for my back. But man, was it FUN!!! haha

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